I’m Imani Caldwell. I Empower Young Professionals.

Along my undergraduate journey I gained leadership, technical, and corporate experience and am dedicated to sharing my knowledge to aid others in their professional and personal development. It all stems from my passion for STEM and cultivating the youth, the first youth I was ever able to mold and mentor is my younger sister, who drives me to reach back as I move forward…

I am excited to educate, empower, and inspire you through my frequently updated opportunities list, informational and interactive digital products, career coaching, and social media escapades.

Lets get started.

Thee Cornucopia aims to equip, empower, and push STEM professionals towards their goals.

Thee Cornucopia Mission

Thee Cornucopia is an overflowing vessel of opportunities tailored to aiding STEM students k-12, undergraduate and post graduate, and professionals on their journey to success.

What started as a platform to make its core audience simply aware of the financial, academic, and professional opportunities available to them; Thee Cornucopia blossomed into a brand that meets every need along that journey.

From the opportunity posts to tips and tricks, carefully created digital products, and personal anecdotes and advice. Thee Cornucopia aims to equip, empower, and push Black professionals towards their goals.